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Mission Statement


Mission Statement

We at the Second Chance Foundation are motivated creators of change in our communities. Driven not only to be advocates of change in our own lives, but striving to create lasting change in the lives of those still struggling with addiction , recidivism and homelessness. We are mentors, students and leaders.

When you come to Second Chance Foundation you are on the first step to lasting change in your life. We see you as a wonderful human being, with great potential to be anything you dreamed you could be. Higher Education is the key to your success. Education gives you the tools and the strength to be productive highly sought after members of your community. Education gives you a prosocial network of other community members on their way to success. Whatever your dreams are for the future, whatever path you decide to take, education has clear steps to making that dream a reality. Most importantly YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Second Chance Foundation provides mentorship, scholarships and housing solutions that make you feel like a member of a community from day one. Your participation in Second Chance paves the way for the next generation and makes you a light others can follow. Whatever your story is there are others out there with the same story and the same dreams. Will you choose to become a member and lead those individuals in your future? The Choice is yours, Become the leader and advocate of change you were meant to be. Become the author of your success. Become a member of Second Chance Foundation and join the brothers and sisters living wonderful lives beyond incarceration, homelessness and addiction.


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